Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PHOTOS - Greyson Chance at the 2012 “People’s Choice Awards” - Another New Hair Style!

Greyson at the 2012 PCA's
Well, Greyson Chance is at it again – or he’s collaborating with his hair stylist.

We knew he was up to something when earlier this week he tweeted a picture of the pile of hair left on the barber floor after a haircut.

After tweeting that he was on his way to the 2012 People’s Choice Awards, Greyson arrived to the red carpet sporting a much different haircut - and his first new hair style of 2012!

The cut is short, clean, and….. well… short.

(click ANY image for a HD slideshow)

Greyson's new hair cut at the 2012 PCA's
Greyson's first new 2012 hair cut for 2012
Casual and short, Greyson sports short hair at the 2012 PCA's
Greyson and Chloe Moretz at the 2012 PCA's

We will be adding more photos as we get them so check back often!

Even though Greyson was not nominated for any awards, and was not asked to be a presenter, we KNEW that he would hit the red carpet and the paparazzi would not be able to resist snapping a few photos!

What do YOU think? Do you like his new haircut and style?

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  2. Anonymous, you are going to have to fight me for him. ( this is from a diff anonymous )

  3. omg my sister she loves this guy she is 12 and about to be 13 in october she has literly 59 posters and a blanket and mug and sweat shirt and t-shirt she had a neckles but it broke but now for her birthday she is getting a greyson chance backpack if she can...but all she talks about is him like for real she went to his concert at the house of blues in houston and he held her hand and pointed at her then he was signing things and he talked to her i think she is his # 1 fan and she says she is GREYSON MY SISTER HAS CHANCE FREVER!!!!!!

  4. hey it veronica renee evelyn Phillips from Jellico high sckool I thank greyson is sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooo cute but the reason I like him is be cause his eye are so pretty and his hair looks so awsome and his smile I like his smile to and sometimes he ax like hiself that what I like about him that what make him cute for me


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