Sunday, May 6, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Appears on MTV Taiwan – Full Episode

Greyson as guest VJ on MTV Taiwan - 2012

Viewers of MTV Taiwan got a surprise last week when the host opened the show speaking English instead of Thai!

The reason?

Singer songwriter Greyson Chance was the shows guest VJ and since Greyson speaks English the show was broadcast in Greyson’s native language.

Greyson actually spoke a little mandarin and talked about his day off in Taipei and playing golf before reviewing the current Top 10 pop music countdown that included songs by “The Wanted”, “One Direction”, “LMFAO”, and his own song “Hold on ‘Til the Night” which was number six on the Top 10!

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Interesting that Greyson mentioned his new album is only halfway done since he has previously said that ALL the music was done for his upcoming album.

Greyson then talked about doing collaborations with his music and what it’s like to be famous and still be in school and his experience acting on the U.S. television comedy show “Raising Hope”.

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He wrapped the second segment with a performance of “Hold on ‘Til the Night”.

Greyson is now back home in the U.S. and says he is returning to the studio to finish his new album.

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