Friday, May 4, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Mobbed in Malaysia – Security Struggles To Maintain Control of Fans

Greyson being crushed by fans while in KL Malaysia 2011

Greyson Chance had a scary moment last year while leaving the IPC Shopping Center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia after a show while on his November 2011 promotional tour through Asia.

Greyson was leaving the venue escorted by security guards when things got out of control and the guards had to grab onto the singer and PULL and PUSH him through a mob of rushing fanatical fans.

As Greyson and his team moved toward the exit to the street, a group of excited fans rushed the door causing a crushing scene with fans suddenly crowding the singer against the wall.

The whole event was caught on video and shows just how dangerous things can get – and in a HURRY.

Greyson seemed to be unfazed by the situation but you can tell be the looks on the security guards faces that they realized the situation had gotten out of control.

Watch Greyson Chance getting mobbed in KL Malaysia - 2011

If you missed Greyson’s show in Kuala Lumpur this year you can visit the link below for concert footage.

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Greyson has just completed his last show in Thailand as part of his 2012 Asian Tour and will soon return to the United Sates to continue work on his new album and begin planning his 2012 U.S. Tour.

You can see all of our posts, concert videos, interviews, pranks, photos, and more of Greyson on his tour at our special blog link “Greyson’s 2012 Asian Tour Adventures”.

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