Friday, August 8, 2014

VIDEO - Greyson Chance to Release FIRST single from his NEW Album on Monday - “Thrilla in Manila”

Alien musician Greyson Chance Planet X
Alien musician Greyson Chance
The time has come. The countdown has begun…

Singer songwriter Greyson Chance is finally prepared to start releasing new music from his upcoming new album Planet X and his fans could not be happier!

Greyson told his fans via Twitter that on Monday, August 11, 2014 he will release the first title track named “Thrilla in Manila”.

Fans around the world are excited to begin the journey to Planet X and hear Greyson’s new sound, and to start wrapping their heads around his new artistic concepts and musical styles.

Greyson has been teasing his fans for months with the conceptual ideas behind his new Planet X album, and we will soon have the chance to see where this space ship is going to take us!

Greyson even released a small video teaser of him in the studio while recording "Thrilla In Manila"

Watch Greyson Chance's "Thrilla In Manila" Teaser

And it’s not been without a lot of hard work and deep thought by our favorite intergalactic alien…

Greyson Chance 2014
Greyson Chance in 2014
After Greyson’s initial success in the United States, Gold and Platinum tours through Asia, several music videos and hundreds of original song compositions, he was dropped by Interscope - his record label since the beginning.

Not long after leaving Interscope, Greyson also severed ties with Troy Carter - his Manager of many years.

Thus began a dark time for Greyson as he battled with the idea of walking away from his dreams, or pushing on in an industry ripe with disappointments.

Fortunately for his fans, Greyson decided to push on - teaming up with famed music producer and Hollywood Bowl owner Bill Silva at Bill Silva Management.

Greyson Chance 2014 Planet X New Album Photo
Greyson Chance and his team working on Planet X - Track 9

Over the last two years, Greyson and Bill have surely crafted an amazing new sound and musical direction for Greyson, as well as a solid promotional plan for the United States and international markets that Interscope seemed unwilling to deliver.

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One thing is for sure…

Greyson Chance Planet X Album Art 2014
Planet X Album Art
Many fans will not recognize the new Greyson as that young “Paparazzi” kid or budding musician playing “Little London Girl” at one of his many mall showcases.

No, we are all about to be introduced to the new Greyson Chance.

Greyson Chance 2.0 as we call it…

Bigger, better, older, wiser, smarter, and cooler.

A great wise man once said, "The old things have drifted away from us but new things are soon to be discovered."

What we are about to witness is the next phase of Greyson’s musical career – and the beginning of his adult life.

It has always been a problem in the music business - “What happens when a young teen star begins to grow, change, and learn?”

Ever since the beginning of time there is a moment when one must reinvent their world as they mature into a new being.

And on Monday, we will get to see and hear what has been growing on Planet X all this time - just waiting for the chance to do things the way he knew they needed to be done.

God speed Greyson Chance…

We can’t wait to get this new journey underway!!

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  2. "R" rated GC sounds nice. hehe
    anyway, it is really nice sound even though I dont really like this "daftpunkstyle", but I think when he said disco/70' style, I already know that his new music will be like this. cant wait for 11


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