Monday, August 6, 2012

Help The GCU Ninjas Celebrate Greyson Chance’s 15th BIRTHDAY on August 16th 2012

Help Greyson Chance Universe Celebrate Greyson's Birthday!

Calling all Enhancers and purple ninjas!

Did you know Thursday August 16th 2012 is a special day for Greyson Chance and his fans around the world?

Fifteen years ago Greyson was born in Wichita Falls Texas and on Thursday August 16th he will celebrate his 15th BIRTHDAY!!!!

How do we plan to celebrate Greyson’s Birthday?

Well, we all probably have our own special way and some of you might have already sent him a birthday card or gift, but we feel the best way to celebrate this special occasion is to TREND a few hash tags on twitter so Greyson can see that his fans Worldwide are thinking about him on his special day!

So, on August 16th 2012, we want Greyson’s fans from around the World to show him we are celebrating with him and are thankful for his musical contributions by creating TRENDING TWITTER HASH TAGS to celebrate his 15th Birthday.

What can I do to help?

Just like we did during World Greyson Day 2012, Greyson Chance Universe hopes to launch one of the World’s largest concentrated viral efforts ever to TREND Greyson Chance Birthday twitter hash tags!

On Thursday August 16th 2012, we want YOU and your FRIENDS to add one of the following hash tags to ALL YOUR TWEETS:


When should I start to tweet and what should I do?

No matter what country or time zone you are in we want you, and your friends, to start tweeting #HappyBirthdayGreyson, #TodayIsGreysonsBirthday, or #GreysonIsFifteenToday - ANY TIME as soon as the clock hits midnight Thursday August 16th, 2012 in your country.

You don't have to use one of the hash tags above but please try to keep the words "Birthday" and "Greyson" in the tag.

With enough Enchancers around the World tweeting these tags ALL DAY Thursday we hope to take over the trending topics on twitter in as many countries around the globe as possible.

How will I know if it’s working?

If you see one of the Greyson Chance twitter trends in YOUR COUNTRY simply take a screen grab of it and tweet it to @GreysonChanceU – using a hash tag of course!

We will be maintaining a special Facebook album with images from around the World of the different countries where the trends are seen.

How can I let you know my friends and I will help?

If you plan to participate in Greyson’s Birthday Trend Party and help us create the largest ever “Greyson Chance” trending topic event just send a tweet saying,
“I’m helping @GreysonChanceU celebrate Greyson's 15th Birthday on Thursday August 16th 2012. Will YOU help us? -”
Let your friends know by sharing this page, liking it to Facebook, or sending a tweet with the link to this blog page so your friends will understand what we are trying to do for Greyson!

Does the World really love Greyson Chance?

Yes! And his fans have already started to upload Birthday videos to YouTube. We have included just a few of the ones we thought were special and if you would like your Greyson Birthday video seen just leave a comment below with the link so we can all see it!

A note on trending...

Please don't spam! Don't use any combination of repeated letters, numbers, or symbols at the end of your tweets because twitter will BLOCK the trend if it thinks people are spamming.

Do not REPEAT hash tags within the same tweet.

Thank you all for your support

We want to thank everybody who will be participating on Thursday August 16th and we’ll see you on twitter!

Greyson, your fans around the World want to thank you for your musical contributions and we wish you the happiest of Birthdays and hope you see our twitter celebration.

Happy 15th Birthday Greyson Chance from your fans around the World!

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  1. Count me in... Can't wait :)

  2. I cried watching those videos. Love you Grey Grey. Never grow up on us.

  3. <-- here's our vid, thank you!!! and expect me to trend too ((=

  4. Heeey im beyond in,my gift to greyson is just me singing in my room 'Just The Way You Are' and ill dedicate it to him,its not much but thats all i cud think of<3

  5. From Indonesian Greysonator/Enchancers :)

  6. Greyson .. We love you so much ;( when i watching those video i cried i remember greyson discovered last 2010 .i think the time is so very fast ,,, now he is 15 ,, he is my inspiration to get my dreams ... Greyson chance is the best singer i know FOR ME greyson chance is better than Taylor , lady gaga, bruno mars , ETC..I LOVE YOU GREYSON :))just remember we are here just 4 you .. I hope i see you in personal ,,,


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