Friday, August 24, 2012

VIDEO: Greyson Chance MTV Interview From Beijing China

Greyson Chance MTV Interview in Beijing China Video - 2012
Greyson Chance MTV Interview in Beijing China - 2012

While Greyson Chance was in Beijing last week winning his “Best New International Artist Award” and performing for almost 1 billion TV viewers, he also took some time to sit down with MTV for an in depth interview.

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In the video you will notice how much deeper Greyson’s voice has become as he talks about his experiences in China, his inspirations in song writing and performing, and the pressure of being in the music business.

Watch Greyson Chance MTV Interview on Beijing China

If the above video does not play in your area you can watch it at this link:

Greyson sure does seem to have his serious side during the interview and we love his cool shirt and dress attire – very International.

Greyson Chance Beijing China MTV Interview Video
Greyson Chance with MTV
He also seems to be mature beyond his years compared to other 15-year-old artists when answering questions and it’s neat to see him act so mature.

We’re watching the creation of a fantastic artist and career for Greyson - and we’re dying to hear his next album.

You can see all our photos, videos, and interviews with Greyson from his current, and previous trip to China at our special blog link “Greyson Chance in China 2012”.

Greyson’s next scheduled appearance is in Vancouver August 29th 2012 at “The Fair” at PNE.

Of course our Ninjas will be there so be sure to follow us on twitter for updates!

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  1. A crash course in international political relations might be appropriate before Greyson's next venture abroad.
    I'm sure his diplomatic faux pas "When I was in Taiwan . . . " was politely ignored and forgiven. And Americans are notoriously ignorant about other countries, so I doubt if any offence was taken.
    But, Greyson sets a high standard, both musically and intellectually. He could be a wonderful unofficial ambassador for his country, which tbh needs as much good PR in the world as it can get at the moment.

    After some uncomfortable interviews on his last stressful Asian tour, it's great to see Greyson back to his own open and charming self. Forget the silly string nonsense. He was always a joy to see in interviews. Now there's a new maturity for us all to enjoy.

  2. "music industry" started life as an oxymoron, then became at least tongue-in-cheek.

    Now a 15 yr old genius uses it without a hint of irony. So sad.

  3. He is really smart, mature, and also down to earth.


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