Saturday, April 7, 2012

VIDEO REPLAY - Greyson Chance Hosts “Greyson Day” in Malaysia with Skype Call

Greyson Chance Skypes his Fans in KL Malaysia

Greyson Chance spent some time today hosting “Greyson Day” in advance of his Asian tour that kicks off in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on April 17th 2012.

Greyson called his fans in KL on a Skype call and five lucky fans got to ask Greyson a question – and there were some good ones!

Universal Music Malaysia setting up Greyson's Skype Call

Greyson told his fans that he would be singing TWO cover songs during his upcoming shows, and also gave advice to anyone wanted to be a singer.

Greyson also said he loves the Chile peppers in Malaysia and his favorite fruit is orange. Remember last year he wasn’t sure if an apple was a fruit or not! I wonder why he didn’t pick Durian as his favorite fruit…

But the BIG NEWS was that he said ALL the songs and music for his SECOND ALBUM are already DONE and is being remixed and produced as we speak for inclusion on his upcoming NEW album!

Watch “Greyson Day” Skype Video in KL Malaysia

Thanks to LetsRockHaveFun for uploading the videos! We should all go subscribe to their channel as a way of saying THANKS!

And thanks to Universal Music Malaysia for setting up this event and making it all happen.

Didn’t it sound like Greyson had a slight English accent in the videos? And his comment about pumped up shoes? Maybe he is talking about another Lady Gaga cover?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for his tour to learn the answers - and it all kicks off on April 17th in KL Malaysia when Greyson and Camryn start their tour!

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We can’t wait for all the video, pictures, and funny stories that will no doubt come out of this trip.

Okay Asian Greyson Fans – take ALL the video of Greyson you can and we’ll post it on our blog and give you a shout out!

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