Friday, September 16, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Visits KTLA Yesterday and Performs “Unfriend You”

Greyson at KTLA TV
Yesterday was a busy day for Greyson Chance.

Before taping his segment on “The Ellen Show” he visited with his friends at KTLA in Los Angeles to perform his hit single “Unfriend You”.

It’s funny how people who work on the morning news shows sometimes don’t make the best interviewers – and yesterday was no exception.

Greyson talked about that one phone call that changed his live when Ellen called his mom personally to invite him to California after his “Paparazzi” YouTube video went viral.

Greyson went on to explain what the meaning is behind his song “Unfriend You”, and how his friends back home in Edmond are reacting to his fame.

Interesting note – either the producers needed a shortened version of the song or Greyson skipped a section.

Either way it was great - and remember, it was only 8:30 in the morning and the kid was answering questions and banging out his hit song!

After his interview and performance at KTLA, Greyson travelled to the set of the “Ellen Show” to catch up with Ellen and perform “Unfriend You”.

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Today Greyson travels to York Pennsylvania to prepare for his show on Saturday September 17th at the York Fair Grandstand.

Stay tuned to our site and we’ll post the video of his show as soon as we get it.

Ah, the life of a rock star.

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