Saturday, October 29, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performs “Heart Like Stone” Live

Greyson Chance Performing "Heart Like Stone" Live
One thing we like about Greyson Chance and his new album “Hold on ‘Til The Night” is that every song is very different.

Different feel. Different sound. Different vibe.

In “Heart Like Stone” Greyson uses his lower register more and doesn’t sing up in his high falsetto much which we think gives this song a very mature sound.

It’s always difficult in a live show to hear the natural sound quality of a singer’s voice so we have provided both a live performance and a studio version with lyrics.

For “Heart Like Stone” we have to say we like the studio version better and think this would be a hard song to perform at a live show.

Now listen to the studio version and you hear so much more deep emotion in not only Greyson's voice but also the musical score.

Maybe they can tweak it a little and come up with a better version for use during live shows.

This is one of Greyson’s more serious songs and another one he will be able to use over and over as he ages and his voice matures.

In fact, we’re starting to see that in a lot of his songs they have actually been written to sound good today – but will sound even better in a couple of years after his voice has dropped and stabilized a bit.

Either way, it looks like the kids got some great producers and coaches working with him behind the scenes.

And Greyson has a great ear and knack for picking good songs.

See you at the top Mr. Chance!

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  1. I agree with everything said here apart from - "we like the studio version better and think this would be a hard song to perform at a live show".

    THIS video shows a later version by Greyson when he's perfected his stage performance.

    The sound is distorted but even so the passion and drama of this great song are expressed to the max by Greyson here.


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