Friday, October 14, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Talks about His Favorite Video, Getting a Car, and His Fans!

MTV released a video last month of an interview they did with Greyson Chance a while back that is hilarious.

Now, why they sat on it for so long we don’t know but we’re glad they finally decided to release it!

Greyson talked about getting a car and learning to drive, and in the second video he talks about the “older” female fans he has (meaning MOMS) and how they can be worse than his teenage fans!

He also talked about his favorite internet viral video which is “Charley bit my finger” and how lonely it can be on tour.

And just in case you’ve never seen “Charley bit my finger” then you can watch it here and picture Greyson watching it on his tour bus when he’s lonely!

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