Sunday, November 20, 2011

Best Greyson Chance Pictures from His Manila Live Shows

Greyson Chance and his Manila Tour Team

Greyson Chance and his team are now done with his tour in Manila and will soon be heading to Jakarta Indonesia and the Hard Rock Café for his last series of shows and press.

There is no doubt that Greyson’s fans in the Philippines truly love the singer and enjoyed his stay and are sorry to see him leave so soon.

We have dug up some of the best pictures and thought we would post a few for his fans to remember their special visit!

(Click any image to start full size HD slide show)

Greyson Performing in Manila

Greyson Chance with his trademark "Bullet" necklace

The happiest kid in show business

Black on Black on Black - Swag!

Bringing it down low for the ladies

Singing it from the heart in the Philippines

Sound check in Manila

This kid could use some sleep - NOW!

Deciding if he wants to try durian fruit

Not liking the smell of the Durian

The moment of durian truth!

Doing a radio interview in Manila

Journey shirt and bullet necklace

Practicing in his hotel room before the show

Stalking his twitter followers on a break

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  1. He's so Cute and I want his bullet necklace!!! I mean it I want him and the bullet...

  2. THAT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! I wish i could see him again!
    by his biggest fan, Abegail Santos xoxox

  3. it was not during the radio interview in manila. it was in amp KK

  4. Can I ask, do you have a video, Greyson with trying durian??


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