Monday, November 21, 2011

New Greyson Chance Pictures of His Upcoming “Raising Hope” Episodes

Greyson on his first Raising Hope episode
When we last saw our hero Greyson Chance on the TV show “Raising Hope”, he played the younger version of Jimmy – who could sing and play the piano like a rock star.

Then, in an unfortunate mishap he was hit in the head by a stray golf club and lost his God given talents and memory until an old home video surfaced.

Greyson's Dressing Room
It was a great episode, and one of the highest rated for the FOX network since the program started airing.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that Greyson has a multiple episode deal with the network assuring that he will be seen in at least THREE episodes in total.

For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, you can find a list of ALL of our “Greyson on Raising Hope” posts HERE – complete with pictures and videos from his first episode. There is even a great video of the cast members talking about Greyson’s visit to the set.

More: Greyson Chance “Raising Hope” – First Episode Archive and Videos

Now, we don’t know how the network plans to advance the plot but everything is in place for at least two more fantastic episodes – and we have a couple of top secret photos to prove it.

Photo of Greyson on set of NEW Raising Hope episode
Photo of Greyson on set of NEW Raising Hope episode
Greyson between takes on the set
Greyson Chance doing takes during school his bus scene
Greyson Chance getting ready to get beat up
Greyson has tweeted that he will get beat up in his next appearance and that the shirt he is wearing in the pictures is a woman's blouse. Really? Greyson wearing a woman's shirt?

Greyson took to twitter to explain,
"Check out a pic of me on the set of Raising Hope! Will you be watching on Tuesday?? If your wondering why I am wearing a blouse in the next RH, it was all @GarretDillahunt's idea. He thinks I look good in women's clothing..."
Obviously the writers will have to continue with the flashback concept and we’re sure they will find a way to keep the humor going as long as possible.

Here is a new promo for the upcoming episode were Greyson is seen wearing women's cloths and getting beaten up by Tommy Bitzleburger.

In fact, we had never watched the show until we heard Greyson was going to be making an appearance and have since fallen in love with the series and now watch it every week.

Stay tune to Greyson Chance Universe because you never know what we’ll uncover next!

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