Thursday, November 24, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performing in Jakarta Indonesia at the Hard Rock Café

Greyson Chance on stage in Jakarta Indonesia Hard Rock Cafe

Greyson Chance finished up his long awaited Asian tour last night at the Hard Rock Café in Jakarta Indonesia to a packed house and sold out crowd.

The group of fans consisted mostly of excited teenage girls who had waited patiently for the singer to arrive in their country for his long awaited tour.

Snoop around our blog and you will find videos of all his Asian shows as well as a few funny interviews with local radio and television hosts and his first experience trying the durian fruit.

Let’s give a big shout out to unyuMONSTER for uploading the videos – go subscribe to their YouTube Channel!

We will post more videos as we find them!

This trip was planned as a promotional tour for Greyson’s new album “Hold On ‘Til The Night”, and now he will return to the United States to continue work on his upcoming 2012 tour.

Below are some of the video and photo links of his fantastic Asian tour, promotional work, performances, and funny interviews. Enjoy!

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After returning to the United Sates, Greyson will also make another appearance on the hit FOX television show “Raising Hope” as well as the “American Dad” Christmas special in December.

He has also hinted at a few “special” Holiday appearances and possibly a Christmas single. He was heard playing “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” in Manila Philippines and it was the first time ever he played a holiday song live on stage during a concert.

Stay tuned Enchancers!

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