Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performance at CHIJ OLGC School in Singapore - Lucky Girls!

Greyson Chance Performing at Chij OLGC School in Singapore

Some very lucky girls at Chij OLGC School in Singapore got the opportunity of a lifetime earlier this week when it was announced that their all-girls school had won a contest that included a visit from Greyson Chance!

Greyson sang two of his hit songs, “Waiting Outside the Lines” and “Unfriend You”, then visited with the students, took photos, and signed autographs.

At least his encounter with “Boy Thunder” from 91.3 Radio went better than the one the day before when Greyson was asked some very awkward and bizarre questions by the radio host during an interview.

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One of Greyson’s BEST interviews so far during his entire Asian tour was in Singapore with “Spin or Bin Music”.

Greyson with Spin or Bin Music
It was one of the longest interviews we have ever see him do and he was actually asked questions that we have NEVER heard him answer before. You have to watch it!

But beware, Greyson is one fidgety young man and could barely sit still during the interview and played with his shirt and bullet necklace the entire time.

This is the interview where Greyson talks about his trip to the Fish Spa, and about the man in Malaysia walking in on him in the bathroom and freaking him out.

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That is one nervous kid – but it’s why we love him!

Tonight Greyson travels to Manila Philippines for a few days of performances, press interviews, and meet and greets before heading to Jakarta Indonesia.

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