Monday, December 12, 2011

VIDEO: Greyson Chance Sponsors Music and Arts "Find Your Voice" Contest

Greyson Chance Sponsors "Find Your Voice" Contest

So last night Greyson Chance spent some time with the Christmas Grinch and tonight he is playing a private dinner at a ACLU function.

But between gigs he announced he is participating in a new contest called “Find Your Voice” that’s sponsored by “Music & Arts” – and the winner gets some pretty sweet prizes!

All you have to do is enter the contest from the “Music & Arts” Facebook page and follow the instructions for uploading your video.

If you can play an instrument you can Win!

Not only does the winner get to meet Greyson and spend some time with him, but they get $2,000 to buy any Yamaha instrument they want, a full year of private lessons, and be included in advertisements in the “Music & Arts” Magazine.

So, if you can play an instrument you should enter!

The first Music & Arts store was located in a small house in Bethesda, Maryland and ran by the founder Benjamin O'Brien.

Since its beginning in 1952, Music & Arts has expanded nationwide, providing all things musical including lessons, instruments, rentals, repairs, accessories, books, and more!

With the O'Brien family still running the business, they have become the largest band and orchestra instrument retailer in the country.

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We can play zero instruments…

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