Sunday, April 29, 2012

PHOTO: Did Greyson Chance Just Get a Tattoo on His Wrist and Arms? – NO!

Greyson Chane with fans in Hong Kong - 2012

Calm down Enchancers…

A recent picture circulating around the internet of Greyson Chance performing in Hong Kong has his fans freaking out today as it shows what appears to be a possible tattoo on his left wrist – just above the underside of his hand.

Greyson was performing his show at the Tmtplaza Mall in Hong Kong when a photo was taken of what looks like a tattoo on his left wrist.

Greyson in Hong Kong with mark on wrist

Greyson's "alleged" Tattoo is NOT true!

But it’s NOT TRUE! Greyson did NOT get a tattoo.

One fan who was at his Hong Kong meet and greet autograph signing says,
“Greyson had magic markers and ink pens all over the place on the table. He had ink stains on his fingers and hands from signing all those autographs. The mark on his wrist was NOT a tattoo but ink from one of the markers or ink pens. He drew a little picture on his wrist...”
If you’ve ever been to one of Greyson’s meet and greets or autograph sessions it is not unusual to see the singer with magic marker stains on his hands and fingers.

We even saw a photo last year with Greyson and Cody Simpson where he had ink on his FACE after leaving the autograph table.

Another rumor of a tattoo surfaced after Greyson appeared for a photo shoot at a Thai boxing ring where he was photographed wearing boxing gloves and shorts - with what appeared to be tattoos on both of his arms.

Greyson Chance with tattoos on his arms 2012 picture
Greyson Chance with tattoos on his arms

Greyson with tattoo arms

But relax Enchancers, Greyson was taking part in a photo shoot and was wearing traditional Thai boxing attire that includes an undergarment shirt, or t-shirt, that has images that resemble tattoos. When seen from a distance the shirt gives the appearance of having tattoos on your arms. 

So, no reason to get excited and the world can now rest peacefully knowing that our favorite young singer did not get a tattoo.

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  1. Does anyone knows what it means? Or just a random symbol?

  2. I don't know... I can't really tell by looking but it kind of looks like a stick figure of a person... but idk..

  3. I think he drew a stickman with no legs on his wrist :)

  4. Dudes, it's a G Clef. It's written on music sheets.

  5. Ah ha! a G Clef!!! I can see it now. Perfect.

  6. I don't get the idea why people thought it was a tattoo.

  7. Y would he hav a tattoo anyway he only just turned 15 and he just got out of middle school

  8. Hey I'm from Russia


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