Friday, April 13, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Pranks His Hair Dresser with Silly String and Announces Album Cover Design Winners

Greyson Chance holding two cans of fresh silly string!

Greyson Chance sure is turning out to be quite the prankster!

Today Greyson released a video announcing the winners of his new album cover design contest and in the process decided to prank his hair dresser Andrew at the same time!

This is the second funny video Greyson has released this week.

Just yesterday he released a video of him wearing a beard and singing to a guy in a red dress and white gloves while he laid on his piano…

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In all fairness, Greyson was doing a comedy “webisode” for his BBM Challenge but it’s one of his funniest videos to date.

Poor Andrew!
Anyway, back to today’s video…

Greyson released a video today announcing the winners of his “Album Cover Design Contest” and some of the new design ideas are killer.

But Greyson starts off the video setting up a prank on Andrew, his hair dresser, then announces the winners of the design contest, then sneaks into the studio to spray Andrew with tons of silly string!

After Andrew got his dose Greyson turns the silly string on two unsuspecting women who were also in the studio.

Watch Video of Greyson punking his hair dresser with silly string

Good to see Greyson has a sense of humor and is able to be a kid sometimes. The work load involved with getting out a new album and prepping for his Asian tour must have seemed overwhelming at times.

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And speaking of Asia… as we finish this post Greyson should be just touching down in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to kick off his 2012 Asian Concert tour!

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  1. Dear Greyson,
    I love you with all my heart. I would probably die without you alive. We have so many things in common, like both have 7 letters in our name and both are born on the 16th of a month. Please love me.

  2. What's Andrew's real name? Just wondering


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