Thursday, April 12, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Serenades a Dude in a Dress and Wears a Beard For a BBM Comedy Spoof!

Greyson Chance sings to a guy in a dress!

Remember a few months ago when Greyson Chance tweeted a picture of him wearing a beard?

At the time nobody really knew what he was up to or what project it was for – but now we do!

Greyson Chance just released a webisode from his BBM Blackberry Music Challenge where he does a comedy spoof with hosts Streeter and Amir.

The video starts out with Greyson at a piano singing the blues as Streeter and Amir talk about their experience with Blackberry phones.

Greyson Chance with a beard singing to Amir

Streeter is laying on the piano wearing a red dress and white gloves and looking, well… rather unattractive. Greyson keeps interrupting Amir as he tries to talk and finally snaps his fingers and walks away.

Greyson is hilarious and it’s the first time we’ve ever heard him sing this type of tune!

Toward the end of the video Greyson steps in to do a little singing for Streeter and this is where we see him in his beard makeup!

VIDEO: Watch Greyson Chance in his BBM Comedy Video

We think this is probably the funniest video Greyson has ever done and loved watching it.

If the music gig doesn’t work out for him we think he may have a career in comedy.

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