Monday, April 9, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Returns To “Raising Hope” In Lead Up To Season Finale

Greyson Chance singing "Cheyenne" on Raising Hope 2012

Greyson Chance is returning to Raising Hope this week and will be appearing alongside special guest Nancy Grace!

Season 2 episode 21 is titled “Inside Probe” and is sure to be a nail biting lead up to this season finale.

Nancy Grace on Raising Hope
Trouble for the Chance family on "Inside Probe"

In “Inside Probe” it seems the Hope family is back in the hot seat again as famed lawyer Nancy Grace decides to dig deeper into the facts surrounding Jimmy’s executed girlfriend – and Hopes real mother.

Remember, in the series plot Jimmy’s baby momma was executed just after Hope was born and that’s how Jimmy came to be a single father raising a baby.

Baby Hope’s mother, Lucy Carlisle will be played by actress Bijou Phillips and Greyson Chance will appear in another flashback moment portraying young Jimmy Chance playing his song "Cheyenne".

Greyson introduces himself on a video submission to "Star Search" as James Bon Jovi Chance - unaware that Star Search went off the air ten years ago and the family had been watching reruns!

Famous lawyer Nancy Grace will appear as an investigative reporter who is digging deep into the facts surrounding Hope’s mother’s crimes and her ultimate execution.

Nancy interviews each of the Chance family members in her effort to get to the bottom of what really happened - and what really went wrong.

Raising Hope Season 2 Episode 21 - “Inside Probe” episode will air April 10, 2012 at 9:30/8:30C on FOX.

This episode is a lead up to next week’s season finale and marks the end of this season’s appearances by Greyson Chance.

You can see all of Greyson’s appearances this season at the following link:

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No word yet if he will return next season for any additional episodes but we can only hope!

The kids got TV swag!

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