Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did You Miss Today’s "#AskGreyson" on Twitter? No Problem – Here is a TRANSCRIPT

Greyson Chance hosts #AskGreyson on Twitter today
Greyson Chance hosts #AskGreyson on Twitter today

Today Greyson Chance took to Twitter to host a very spontaneous #AskGreyson session and man did he share a lot of great news!

Unfortunately, most of Asia was still asleep and many Americans were still on their way home from school so a lot of people MISSED IT.

No problem - We got it all transcribed and summarized below!!

Greyson and his new puppy Whiskey were spending a rainy day in Edmond Oklahoma and they must have got bored!

Within minutes of the #AskGreyson twitter spree starting it was a number one trending topic in at least SIX countries and the number #1 World Wide Trending Topic for a little while!

Here is a transcript of the questions and answers from from the session:

Question: How are you today?
Greyson: I am doing great, thank you for asking. It is raining here in OKC. I have been very lazy today..

Question: What is going to be the name of your EP?
Greyson: It's a secret. Truth Be Told though, it's something I really love

Question: When you write songs what inspires you usually??
Greyson: People and the way we interact with each other

Question: Is your song with Ariana on the EP?
Greyson: No :( sadly it didn't make it. I love her though and I love the song.

Question: Are you releasing any singles off your EP?
Greyson: Yes. #scl will be the first.

Question: Describe your new album
Greyson: Very personal. And a very different sound, it's more me. Also, more complex in ideas.

Question: Do you like lava lamps?
Greyson: Yes! What happened to them? I miss my fiery goop.

Question: What is your favorite song off of your new EP?
Greyson: One called "Leila." Very Beatles inspired.

Question: When's our date?
Greyson: I thought it was tonight? I am picking you up in 15.. (; just kidding. It's next week.

Question: Any funny Canadian stereotypes you've heard?
Greyson: I just love the "eh?" I love the accent!!

Question: have you ever listened to Screamo music?
Greyson: Yes, I think there is a great art quality in it.

Question: When is SCL coming out!
Greyson: #scl is looking to be out in early October.

Question: Will the famous piano make a comeback for this next tour?
Greyson: The piano has grown up into something amazing.

Question: Have you ever been to Italy?
Greyson: No, but my brother is studying there this year! I am so jealous!!

Question: Do you surf?
Greyson: Me = pale skin. Beach = surfing. Me + Beach = sunburn. So to answer, not really...

Question: What do you think about the enchancers mom like my mom? haha
Greyson: Enchancer moms are the best and most noble creatures. Love them

Question: What's your favorite Lady Gaga lyric??
Greyson: "Jesus is the new black"

Question: What do you think about French girls?
Greyson: J'aime mes petits fans Francais. - (I love my little French fans)

Question: Do you listen to any Green Day or MCR?
Greyson: I grew up on Green Day! Love them. Talk about Punk Gods.

Question: A Song that u have on Replay 24/7?
Greyson: He Can Only Hold Her by Amy Winehouse.

Question: Do you have any favorite albums at the moment?
Greyson: Coexist by the xx and Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

Question: Do you like blue eyes or brown eyes?
Greyson: Both. I also like green eyes.

Question: Last book you read?
Greyson: Perks of Being A Wallflower

Question: When is your EP coming out?!
Greyson: October. Suprise!!

Question: What is your favorite lyric of SCL?
Greyson: You're watching me go, but I never listen.

Question: What's your puppy's name?
Greyson: He is sitting with me right now, and gnawing on my hand. His name is Whiskey!

Question: Who's the meaner X Factor judge? Brittany or Simon..?
Greyson: Britney for sure. I love her fierce comments. Keep it coming!

Question: Any new music videos coming soon?
Greyson: Planning + meditating on ideas for SCL video. I think I finally go it.

That's it! - Hopefully we can get Greyson to do this more often, and don't forget Greyson... You STILL owe your fans a SpreeCast.


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  1. I Am Finally Glad I Live In My Time-Zone. Great Timing!! Got Be Part Of It The Whole Time. Sadly No Answer On My Questions. But It Sure Was A Lot Of Fun. :{D Love Y'All!! <3

  2. Want another #AskGreyson !!


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