Wednesday, September 19, 2012

REPLAY: Watch Greyson Chance's Spreecast – Talks New EP, U.S. Tour, and Whiskey!

Replay Greyson Chance on Spreecast - September 20, 2012 Video
Greyson Chance on Spreecast - September 20, 2012

Greyson Chance hosted a Spreecast on Thursday September 20th at 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time USA.

Greyson talked about his upcoming EP and new “Sunshine & City Lights” music video.

He introduced us to his new puppy “Whiskey”, shared his favorite new song off the upcoming album, and talked about being back home in Oklahoma.

He also said that after releasing his EP in October he will make a week-long trip to Malaysia before returning to the United States for a full blown promo tour.

Below is the replay of today’s chat session.

Watch the 9-20-12 Spreecast with Greyson Chance
In case you missed Greyson’s Twitter question and answer session that he mentions in the above video you can see a full transcript at the following links:

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We would love to hear Greyson perform John Lennon's "Imagine", and we can't wait to hear the new EP - especially "Take My Heart".

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  1. Spreecast is the perfect medium for Greyson to cultivate and maintain his fan following. His niceness and straightforwardness just shine out in this live unrehearsed format, which many other artists would see as too risky and revealing. They need to project an image, to edit and control what goes out to the fans.

    Remember when Greyson used to upload short videos, just random happenings in his life, like a tour of his bus or Ellen's empty studio? Simply ad hoc recordings with his laptop camera. These were great.

    He can do without AwesomenessTV's film crew stalking him, then putting THEIR spin on events in the editing suite. I'd rather see things from Greyson's POV. So why not sack Steve and Coop, and send the money saved to the BTW Foundation? Just a thought.

    Fans should realise by now that when they ask Greyson "When are you coming back to . . . .?" and he answers smilingly "Hopefully very very soon!" that this is code for "No plans have been made, and anyway it's not my decision. I just go where they tell me." lol

    It's great to see technology like Spreecast, bug free and user friendly, enabling direct communication between Greyson and his fans, with no opportunity for producers or other intermediaries to get in the way.

  2. He's 15 and already an expert on PR. He's so bright and comes across as sincere. His first record was polished and had several really good tracks. He'll outlast and outshine all of his peers (Including the one's with more backing and more pop-culture "clout") when he's sharpened his skill.

    He's already carving himself a space to exist in contemporary music. The song "Slipping Away" has more depth then most pop albums released in the past several years.

    My hope is that he learns from people like Thom York, David Bowie and Annie Lennox. He could be the next truly substantive musician.

  3. Totally agree.
    SLIPPING AWAY is the only song in Greyson's repertoire that he has never performed since recording it. A contender for his best ever song is given such a treatment? The reason must be "political" rather than artistic.

    SLIPPING AWAY, RUNNING AWAY and LITTLE LONDON GIRL all come from a brief but productive visit Greyson made to London as early as December 2010. They share a clearly superior standard in their arrangement and production. The drumming, to pick out just one thing, on SA and RA is so original and inspired, clearly the same musician on both.

    I'm saying that in period of less than a month, nearly two years ago, Greyson worked with a production team in London which resulted in three of his best songs. Songs which have been shamefully ignored by his American Label for whatever unknown reason.

    When Greyson's present recording contract ends, he should spend a year in London working with same producer and musicians as before. The results of such a collaboration would surely be in a word (over-used I know, but apt here) AWESOME!

  4. Can you download the spreecast,if so what kind of video downloader?


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