Sunday, October 14, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 17 - “World Tour Mashup”

Greyson Chance performing in Asia Video
Greyson Chance performing in Asia

Sunday is here and another Greyson Chance Takeover episode from Awesomeness TV is out!

This week is episode 17 and the documentary of Greyson’s Asian promo tour is over and we now get to see a mashup of all the previous episodes and funny moments.

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This weeks episode is a mashup of Greyson's tour through Asia including stops in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Watch Greyson Chance Takeover Episode 17 from Awesomeness TV

You can watch any of the last 16 episodes of Greyson's video series at the special link below!

Watch: Greyson Chance Takeover Episodes 1-17 – VIDEO

In Other News:

Greyson Chance on Spreecast talking U.S. EP Release
Greyson on Spreecast
Earlier this week Greyson hosted a Spreecast for his U.S. fans where he talked about the process of releasing his new EP.

It will be released in CD form to Asia on October 29th and to U.S. markets in December or January.

All five tracks will also be released to YouTube in October.

Watch: Greyson Spreecast Replay – Talks Asian/U.S. EP Release

Greyson also tweeted that he was in New York this weekend working on his new “Sunshine & City Lights” music video on Long Island.

He posted a picture of him and a mystery girl on a subway car looking… well… pretty comfortable.

Greyson Chance and friend on set of "Sunshine & City Lights" music video
Greyson Chance and friend on set of "Sunshine & City Lights"

There seems to be two very persistent rumors floating around that the girl is either Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s 15-year-old daughter, or “Big Time Rush” actress Ciara Bravo.

We don’t know who she is but we know there are only 15 days left until the release of “Truth Be Told Part 1” and Greyson’s departure for his Asian promo tour.

As usual, our Ninjas will be following all the news and reporting back to you everything we can.

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