Friday, November 16, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance on “Pittsburgh Today Live” - Dad Scott Speaks!!!

Greyson Chance and Michael Warren on Pittsburgh Today Live TV Video
Greyson and Michael on Pittsburgh Today Live TV

Greyson Chance was is in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on Friday night for a performance at the “Santa Spectacular” at Point State Park but before battling the cold weather he took some time Friday morning to appear on the "Pittsburgh Today Live" TV show!

Greyson Chance with Santa Clause Christmas
Greyson Chance with Santa
Greyson and Michael Warren performed "Sunshine & City Lights" and then sat down for an interview. But before the on-air interview took place, Greyson and his dad Scott sat down for a chat with the hosts that was not broadcast - and it was funny!

Scott was asked about how he keeps the girls away from Greyson and if Greyson keeps his room clean.

It is a really cute audio interview.

Listen to Greyson Chance and his dad Scott on PTL TV

After the informal interview Greyson and his wing man sat down for an on-air interview and then Greyson joined Michael to perform "Sunshine & City Lights" for the TV audience.

Watch Greyson Chance interview on PTL TV

Watch Greyson and Michael perform Sunshine & City Lights

Later Friday night Greyson hit the stage at the Pittsburgh Santa Spectacular and performed a couple songs from his new "Truth be Told Part 1" EP and did a little hosting as well.

And of course he had to buy a Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie due to the cold weather and tweeted the following photo:

Greyson Chance wearing his new Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie
Greyson Chance wearing his new Pittsburgh Steelers Beanie

Watch Greyson Chance performing at the Santa Spectacular

Earlier this week Greyson recorded a brief video message for his fans in Pennsylvania:

Watch: Greyson's invitation to the Santa Spectacular - VIDEO

Greyson, don’t forget to clean your room when you finally get back to Edmond Oklahoma!

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