Sunday, November 18, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Takeover Ep. 22 - Recording New “Take My Heart" Music Video

Greyson recording his new "Take My Heart Music Video"
Greyson recording his new "Take My Heart Music Video"

Sunday is here and another Greyson Chance Takeover episode from Awesomeness TV is out!

This week is episode 22 and we find Greyson and Michael working on a NEW music video for his song "Take My Heart" from his latest EP "Truth Be Told Part 1"

Watch Greyson Chance Takeover Episode 22

We didn't have any idea Greyson had another new music video ready to go and by looking at the video header it looks like he is planning FIVE music videos in total!

Now THAT really is Awesome!

You can watch any of the last 22 episodes of Greyson's Awesomeness TV video series at the special link below!

Watch: Greyson Chance Takeover Episodes 1-22 – VIDEOS

Greyson also answered another fan mail question – this time about what he thinks about right when he gets off the stage after a show. 

In Other News:

Greyson is currently hibernating at home after coming off the road from his recent Asian tour where he visited Malaysia, the Philippines, and then Singapore for a MTV Sessions TV Appearance where he covered Michael Jackson's song "Human Nature".

Greyson Chance Santa Clause Christmas Video
Greyson Chance with Santa!
You can see all our posts of Greyson’s performances, TV Interviews, and funny moments while he was on tour at our special blog link “Greyson Chance Returns to Asia 2012”.

Greyson was also in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on Friday for a special “Santa Spectacular” Holiday show and local TV appearance where he performed “Sunshine & City Lights” with Michael Warren.

Before taking to the stage Greyson was interviewed and his dad Scott got in on the action and was part of a very funny interview that you can see at the link below.

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But the big news of the week was Greyson’s release of his new music video for “Sunshine & City Lights” from his new “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP.

Greyson Chance in his new Sunshine & City Lights Music Video
Greyson Chance in his new Sunshine & City Lights Music Video

We finally got to see him sneaking out of the house to meet up with his girlfriend to run around New York City causing trouble!

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Greyson has been on the road for almost three weeks and just returned home on Saturday so we suspect he will go underground and enter his post tour hibernation mode for a few days – and we don’t blame him!

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