Tuesday, February 19, 2013

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Does the Harlem Shake! - Kind of…

Greyson Chance and Friends do the Harlem Shake 2013
Greyson Chance and Friends do the Harlem Shake

Greyson Chance has always told his fans that he was not a dancer, but last week a video surfaced on YouTube of Greyson and some of his friends doing the now famous “Harlem Shake” dance.

Greyson appears to try and mask his face behind a piece of paper but if you look close you can tell it is him!

Greyson in the corner
For those who don’t know about the Harlem Shake, the idea is to have one person dress up and dance solo for the first 15 seconds of the music track while everybody else goes on with life as normal seeming to ignore the solo dancer.

The scene then suddenly cuts to the entire group performing a frenzy of bizarre dance moves for the second 15 seconds.

Greyson starts out sitting on the floor in the left hand corner of the shot wearing a black hoodie for the first segment, and then hides in the corner in the right side of the shot shaking his hips while his friends dance the frantic “Harlem Shake”.

Watch Greyson Chance do the Harlem Shake

Greyson’s role seems a bit subdued but it's still funny, leading us to believe him when he says he can’t dance!

And it’s good to see Greyson away from the studio and spending time with his friends just being a kid for a change. You know what they say, "All work and no play..."

This is a side of Greyson his fans are not used to seeing…

And we love it.

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  1. OMG - that is just... I can't even. TOO FUNNY!!!Go Greyson! Shake those hips!!!!!

  2. where's Greyson? I can't see...

  3. WAHHHH! I just cant imagine Grey did the harlem shake dance and is like HAHAHA so funny but really sexy and ADORABLE!

  4. was greyson in the black? i know he was trying to hide his face with the paper. but that video was so funny. the guy in the red was hilarious!!!


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