Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PHOTOS - Greyson Chance Buys Vintage 1966 Mustang!!

Greyson Chance just bought a 1966 2 door vintage Mustang! Photos
Greyson Chance just bought a 1966 2 door vintage Mustang!

Well… he finally did it.

Greyson Chance has been talking about his love for the vintage Mustang automobile for months and he finally bit the bullet and bought one!

The 1966 is a classic and the original street version sported a 200ci six-cylinder Challenger engine with almost 300 horsepower under the hood and a three speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission.

Get this - in 1966 the retail price for a brand new Mustang two door hardtop was a whopping $2,416 out the door and for an extra $237 you could get the convertible model.

Greyson Chance and his new "Moses" 1966 Mustang Photos
Greyson Chance and his new "Moses" 1966 Mustang
Greyson Chance New Car Mustang Photos 2013
Greyson's new Mustang's steering wheel - Like a Boss!

We figured Greyson would name his first car "Leila" but he told his fans via Twitter that he had picked the name "Moses" - great name Greyson!

One reason the 1966 model is so popular is that Ford only made 499,751 of the two door standard models and 75,000 of the convertibles.

Greyson Chance 1966 Mustang Moses Interior View
1966 Mustang Interior View
Greyson certainly has good taste as the 1966-68 models are a very coveted and sought after car.

There are Mustang car clubs all around the world that consider any model earlier than 1966 as just a piece of metal but everything starting in 1966 as a piece of art.

Way to go Greyson - we’re impressed with your class and very proud of you.

Have a blast with your new ride but please be safe.

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  1. OMG! - Way to go Greyson!!!! I love your new ride! Can I have a ride to school?


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