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Greyson Chance to Perform With Austin Mahone, Ed Sheeran, Emblem3 and Jason Mraz in New York City Sept 15, 2013

Greyson Chance will appear 9/15/13 at Roseland Ballroom NYC
Greyson Chance will appear 9/15/13 at Roseland Ballroom NYC

It looks like our favorite singer songwriter Greyson Chance may be starting his slow return to public performances in the United States!

Greyson has not performed in the U.S. at all this year, and has only performed publicly once during 2013 at a closed private event for the Smart Music MCA Music Launch Party in Manila Philippines last month.

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And now there is GREAT news if you live in the New York City area because Greyson is scheduled to appear at this year’s “T.J. Martell Foundation’s 2013 Family Day” on Sept 15, 2013.

The charity event will be open to the public and take place at the Roseland Ballroom at 239 West 52nd Street in New York City from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

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One of the Foundation’s most successful events, Family Day has raised almost $5 million for Martell-funded research at a dozen hospitals around the country focusing on leukemia, cancer and AIDS Research.

Greyson told a member of the foundation,
“I am honored and excited to be performing for an organization that truly helps our society.”
And Greyson will be in good company as Emblem3, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, and Austin Mahone are also scheduled to appear.

Both Greyson and Jason Mraz are represented by Bill Silva Management and this is the first time they will appear together on the same stage.

Go team Silva!

Because this is a charity event the ticket prices are… well, pretty pricy and top out at $350 for the “Family Day Fantasy Package” that includes a VIP met and Great with your artist of choice - and as of this blog posting the Ed Sheeran VIP meet and greet was already sold out.

The “Soundcheck Party” is a little cheaper at $250 for an adult and $175 for children under 16 and includes admission to the event before the doors open so you can see your favorite artist up close and in person during their private soundcheck!

The General Admission tickets are on sale for $150 for adults and $100 for children under 16 and includes admission to “Family Fun Day”, food and beverages, free activities including inflatables, game arcade, carnival rides, and prizes.

Tickets are not cheap but it’s for a great cause! You can get more information and purchase tickets to the show here.

This will be the first time Greyson Chance and Austin Mahone have performed at the same venue and the two are sure to draw a crowd!

Austin Mahone has taken the world by storm and is poised to be the next great breakout pop artist and should be able to give Greyson some much needed exposure to Austin's “Mahomies” who may have forgotten about Greyson over the last year or so.

So, maybe this is the beginning of a more public Greyson Chance and perhaps… just maybe… Greyson will debut another new song like he did in Manila.

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Your fans are ready Greyson… we have been waiting patiently for over a year now and we can’t wait to see what you have been working on these last 9 months.

We will be keeping everybody updated as we learn more about this event, and of course we will have a Ninja on standby to try and bring you the inside scoop the day of the show...

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  1. OMg Greyson, Ed, and Austin at the same show? I'm dead now

  2. Greyson!!Finally!!
    miss your performance!

  3. .. Wish I can watch ! .. Why not on August why its on September ?? ..

    1. hmm.. I think that is because we are the who giving surprise for Greyson on August. and he will return it on Sept :P

  4. I wish I can watch it.... Why should on sept? I'm going to prepare my school.

  5. aaa i can't watch his concert :( so sad...because i live in indonesia..i just can support him etc. from here :)

  6. .. what are you surprises ?? ..


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