Friday, September 23, 2011

Greyson Chance to Appear on ABC’s 20/20 Friday Night - More Details...

Looks like Greyson Chance is getting another chance at being on TV!

After this week’s appearance on Raising Hope, the 14-year-old singer will be profiled on ABC’s 20/20 television show this Friday (9.23.11) at 9/10c.

His appearance will be part of a segment called “Generation YouTube” that will explore how the popular video site owned by Google has changed the world.

ABC released a press statement saying,

“Everyone from stay-at-home moms to entrepreneurs to musicians to comedians are creating a new or second career and earning income by posting videos on YouTube. No longer do you need an agent or manager to launch a singing career or to publish a book. No longer do you need a company behind you to sell your ideas, products or how-to knowledge.

Six years ago YouTube launched on the web and revolutionized video sharing. What began as a simple idea — allowing anyone to upload and view videos, for free — quickly transformed into a platform that connected the world. Now, YouTube encompasses everything from how-to videos, to entertainment to self-expression to business to citizen journalism. “20/20″ reports on the phenomenon and talks to many whose lives have changed personally and financially from their YouTube success, including singer Greyson Chance.”

For those of you who can’t watch the show just keep your eyes on our site as we will be posting the segment as soon as ABC releases the video.

It usually takes a day or two so be patient! We will send out a tweet once it is available with the details so make sure you follow us on Twitter.

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