Saturday, September 24, 2011

Video – Greyson Chance Interview on ABC’s 20/20 - GREAT Interview!

Greyson Chance was profiled on ABC’s 20/20 last night during a special edition show called “Generation YouTube” dedicated to the worldwide phenomenon of YouTube.

Ashleigh Banfield was the host, and the show explored how YouTube has changed the rules of the game when it comes to new musical artists getting discovered.

Like Banfield commented,

“A year ago Greyson Chance uploaded a YouTube Video and today it has 50 million views, he has been signed by Ellen, he has done a U.S. tour, he has a hit single, and he has a new album – all IN ONE YEAR from uploading his video to YouTube.”

Of course everybody’s trying to draw comparisons to Justin Bieber because YouTube is where he was discovered, but it is amazing to think of what can happen in just one years’ time.

All from posting one video on his YouTube channel.

Greyson is a lot like Bieber from the standpoint that he was NOT looking for fame – but fame FOUND him.

We were able to grab just the video of Greyson’s segment, but it is worth watching the entire show on ABC’s website.

Watch Greyson Chance on ABC's 20/20 YouTube Special

It’s interesting when you think about it – once Greyson was signed he was immediately surrounded by adults 24 hours a day and everything about his life has changed.

Just listen to him talk about being lonely on the tour bus and dealing with the constant grind.

Greyson Chance on 20/20 YouTube Generation
We have never seen that look on Greyson’s face before and can tell he was really opening up about this stuff.

Would YOU be prepared to drop everything you knew and move to Los Angeles and work 12 hours a day on a music career?

Day after day, after day, after day…

The point we’re trying to make is we don’t think people really realize or understand how hard these artists have to work to keep their careers and music moving in the right direction.

When Justin Bieber rolls into town to do a concert he has eighteen semi-trucks and 8 tour buses and hundreds of people working in front of, and behind the scenes to pull off each show.

How must it feel to realize YOU are the reason for it all, and what if you don’t feel like working that day?

Greyson Performs at a show in Boston
If you can’t perform then EVERYBODY is standing around with nothing to do and still wanting to get paid!

We just hope that the push to sell albums and do concerts doesn’t make these kids grow up too fast, burn them out, or push them into drugs or other bad things.

We’re rooting for you Greyson Chance!

What do YOU think?

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