Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Greyson Chance to Appear on “Raising Hope” Episodes

Good news for Raising Hope and Greyson Chance fans!

This September 20th Fox kicks of a new season of their hit comedy “Raising Hope” and young singer Greyson Chance is slated to make several appearances.

The details are a bit sketchy but we know that Greyson is scheduled to play a semi-recurring character named Jimmy who apparently is very good at playing piano and a talented singer – in fact, he is a child prodigy.

Go figure!

His character is the younger version of the main character as seen through flashbacks during the season.

The sitcom revolves around the character Jimmy Chance who finds himself raising his daughter as a single father after the mother ends of in jail.

The entire family tries to help but things usually end up going wrong. The funniest character is Maw Maw and is played by funny lady Cloris Leachman.

Greyson will be seen in not only the premier episode airing on September 20th but in as many as three episodes total.

Evertbody on the cast and crew said it was a blast having Greyson on set and that he was welcome back anytime he wanted.

Greyson says,

“What I love about his episode is there are some happy moments, there are some sad moments, there are some annoyed moments. It's just a very heartwarming episode. It also has a very cool twist, which I love too."

While Greyson admits he loved filming his parts and being on the show –his first love is still, and always will be music.

Greyson's Dressing Room During Taping
Greyson on set of Raising Hope on Fox

Greyson with funny lady Cloris Leachman

That’s good because his new album “Hold On ‘Til The Night” is selling well and he just got done touring with Cody Simpson.

After taking a little time off you can expect to see Greyson back out on the road in September doing free shows at Hard Rock Café’s around the country.

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He will also hit the road later this year on a mini concert tour but will swing into high gear next year with a more robust tour schedule.

All Greyson’s performing dates are detailed on his Official Web Site and his Facebook page.

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