Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Surprises Fan with Personal Backstage Interview!

One lucky fan named Annie had a great day last week because she won the “Key to Greyson’s Heart” contest after submitting a fan video to YouTube.

As a winner, Annie got the chance to see Greyson in concert and to interview him in person backstage at his concert in Springfield Illinois!

The contest, called “The Key to Greyson Chance’s Heart”, was first created to give away the individual piano keys to his now famous black and white piano that was damaged by water during a music video shoot, but Annie also won the chance to see his live show and interview Greyson in person.

While Greyson was at his concert venue getting things ready for his show, his crew visited Annie’s house and told her she was the winner and got the ball rolling.

You can tell she was a bit overwhelmed.

Annie invited her best friend to go with her and a good time was had by all!

Ah, life must be good as a teen idol. Now we know how they always get the girls.

Other winners received free CD’s, a personal Tweet from Greyson himself, and autographed pictures and posters.

In addition to Greyson’s upcoming appearance on “Raising Hope” during the season opener September 20th, he will also be performing free concerts at Hard Rock Cafe’s around the country starting later this month.

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He is also enjoying a little down time since the release of his first album last month and the completion of the first leg of his North American tour.

Look for his tour to kick off again come the first of the year!

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