Saturday, June 16, 2012

VIDEO - Video REPLAY of Greyson’s Skype Call with Everloop Winner Ally – This is Awesome!

Everloop winner Ally Skyping with Greyson Chance Skype Video
Everloop winner Ally Skyping with Greyson Chance

What happens when one lucky fan named Ally wins a chance to Skype with Greyson Chance?

You make one of the coolest YouTube videos ever!

Everloop contest winner Ally spent some time today (June 16th, 2012) Skyping with Greyson after his concert at Webster Hall in New York City.

Watch Ally and Greyson’s Skype Call

We can’t believe how deep Greyson’s voice sounds these days and what a very cool day for Ally and her entire family!

Shortly after his show, Greyson jumped on a flight back to Los Angeles to finish work on his upcoming album that we hear may be out sooner than we thought!

Congratulations Ally on a great day!!!

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  1. Dang... where do you get all this stuff? Do you work for Greyson somehow?

  2. LOL. I think I just saw some more drawings on his wrist. TAHAHA. He's so cute! Anyways, it's weird why he grew up so fast...!

  3. I don't really love Greyson's New Haircut :( but I still love him!! :)

  4. Ally is so pretty. She is a very luck girl and i cant believe she got to skype with Grey Grey.

  5. (@ anonymous) Thank you!!! That just made my day!! :)

  6. Oh.. ally how could you be that lucky .


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