Sunday, September 18, 2011

Video – Greyson Chance at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington D.C. – Video and Pictures

Greyson Chance was in Washington D.C. today for a free concert at the Hard Rock Café.

The video is one of the best fan videos we have seen and was put together by SmileForGreyson.

She must be one of Greyson’s biggest fans!

Not only did she capture great video of his performance but she edited in some great photos of the crowd before and after the show.

We would have LOVED to see this show and see Greyson’s tribute to Lady Gaga and Ellen.

It’s really cool to see this kid sit on a stage by himself with a piano and entertain a group of screaming fans.

Great Job Mr. Chance.

And way to go SmileForGreyson! You did a great job with your video and we hope our Greyson Universe visitors will visit your YouTube Channel HERE and blow your doors off with views and new subscribers!

This afternoon Greyson will be traveling to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to prepare for another free show at the Hard Rock on September 19th.

See you tomorrow!

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