Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Talks to AOL About His Super Fans

Greyson Chance just completed his free concerts in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and took some time to visit with “You’ve Got” at AOL.

Greyson talked about the problem he has with his super fans.

He recounts a story about being at a mall with his mother when a group of fans mobbed them and they had to run into a little card store to hide.

His peeps just released the following video.

What a cute kid.

Greyson is in Boston today to perform another free concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. Show time is 7:00 PM.

And don’t forget to watch him tonight on the season premiere of “Raising Hope” at 9:30 EST on FOX.

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We have hope!

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