Saturday, September 10, 2011

Video - Greyson Chance Performs “Cheyenne" and Interviewed by Billboard – Extended HD Version

Greyson Chance Performs "Cheyenne"
For a 14-year-old, singer Greyson Chance sure does now how to add a little soul to his music.

Today, we went out looking for a good video of Greyson singing his love song “Cheyenne” and ran across not only a good studio mix, but one of the BEST extended interviews we think he has ever given!

Last month as a kick-off to his album release for “Hold On ‘Til The Night”, Greyson sat down with and talked about everything from his first kiss, Harry Potter, working in the studio, writing songs, his piano, touring, meeting famous people, and being famous.

It really is one of the best interviews we have ever seen – we learned so much from it.

There are just too many topics covered to go into them all so we’re just going to lay out the music video for “Cheyenne” and then the various parts of the interview below.

You won’t be disappointed.

During the interview below Greyson talks about what inspires him and his love for his mentors Lady Gaga and Nick Jonas.

He talks about the people he has met on the road including the President of the United States when he performed for the Easter Egg Roll.

And finally he takes a TON of questions from his twitter followers who asked questions about when he first realized that he had the gift of singing, song writing, and learning to play the piano.

See? What did we tell you?

Most of his TV appearances and internet video clips are wham bam and over in 60 seconds.

Now Greyson is getting ready to hit the road again later this month for free shows at the Hard Rock Café, and rumor is he will be releasing a Christmas song sometime in late November.

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