Saturday, October 1, 2011

Greyson Chance Talks about his Dark Side and Being a Twitter Stalker!

Greyson Chance tells AOL he Stalks Twitter!
You have to admit that in the last two years Greyson Chance has accomplished a lot.

With a U.S. Concert tour with Cody Simpson behind him, the release of his first solo album “Hold on ‘til the night”, and an appearance on “Raising Hope”, Greyson has not just been sitting around his tour bus!

Now the 14-year-old super star comes clean to AOLMusic about his “Dark Side” and about being a twitter stalker.

AOL: Your life has been pretty crazy lately. How do you stay grounded in the midst of this whirlwind?

“I have an amazing team around me. I have an amazing set of parents that keep me grounded. It's honestly not that hard when you have good people around you. Sometimes it overwhelms me a little bit, but I always just try to stay back and stay normal.”

AOL: Did you always want to be a musician, or is this a happy accident?

“I've always wanted to grow up to be a musician. I remember I'd be five or six and I'd watch old Michael Jackson videos and listen to Michael Jackson records, and that's where I'd see myself. Of course, I didn't really turn out like Michael Jackson, but I got somewhere.”

AOL: In a recent post you mentioned that you were writing a song based on an Edgar Allen Poe poem. Are you a secret goth?

“I'm a bit of a dark kid. On the album, 'Hold on 'Til the Night,' there's a song called 'Heart Like Stone' on there that's very Gothic. It's not like heavy metal, but it's a very Gothic and dark tale of heartbreak.”

AOL: You've mentioned in interviews that you like to lurk on the Twitter accounts of your fans.

“I'm a huge Twitter stalker. It's quite funny, actually. My fans are sending me tweets like "Stalk my twitter, Greyson!" When I'm in certain cities and I know certain super fans are going to be there, I'll look at their Twitters and I'll be like, "OK, so they're going to be wearing those jeans tonight that they made with green paint" and I learn everything about all the things that they bring. They tweet things like, "Oh we got Greyson this teddy bear." So when they come to the show, I say, "I know where you got that, I know how you made that!" And they're like, "Oh my God!" It makes their day, and I love that.”

We knew it! We had heard rumors that Greyson stalks his twitter followers and now we know the truth!

So keep up the tweets to him and you never now – he just might recognize you at his next show!

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We stalk our followers too!

We see you @CodyGreysonZone, @EnchancerGirl, @DoctorGreyson, @AdorableGreyson, and @GreysonMC

Told ya!

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