Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Win a Chance to Meet and Work With Greyson in His BBM Challenge Contest!

Greyson Chance Challange
Calling all aspiring artists!

Calling all Greyson Chance fans!

Calling all social media geeks and nerds!

Greyson Chance has just joined the BBM Challenge Council and is looking for the next generation of music loving social media super stars.

Greyson tweeted,
“I just joined the #BBMchallenge Challenge Council, I’m excited to pick my team!”
So if you like finding and sharing cool stuff online and you’re constantly connected, even when on the go, then you need to enter Greyson’s contest.  

If you want to learn the music business like Greyson then here is your chance to enter his challenges and win the opportunity to meet him and learn from him all at the same time.

You have to be at least 13-years-old and have a Facebook account and be able to verify your age. You then can pick THREE of your friends to make a video telling Greyson why YOU think your team should be picked to be his protégé.

The video below lays out the basic concept and rules:

Here is what your team needs to do:

  • Compete to be a Grand Prize Winner: Selected teams will participate in 4 challenges over 8 weeks that will test everything from leadership to creativity.
  • Greyson’s teams will be given free BlackBerry® smartphones to assist with challenges. You will communicate directly with Greyson in his private BBM group.
  • Each challenge will require creating unique photos and videos according to Greyson’s selected challenge and sharing them.
  • Submissions will be posted online to be viewed and voted on. The more votes your team gets the better chance of winning.

The Grand Prize Winners will be flown at no cost to meet and work with Greyson Chance in person!

So all you have to do is enter the contest from the BBM Website, upload your video telling Greyson why he should pick you, select your team of three friends and wait to be notified.

You should also visit the main site at for complete details.

This doesn’t look like it is going to be an easy contest but the reward could change your life. Remember, Greyson was discovered from one simple video on YouTube!

Greyson says,
“If you are chosen as my Protégé, then you know that anything can happen. My career began when a video of me performing at a sixth-grade music festival went viral… Will this be your lucky break?”
Okay guys and gals, that is about all we can tell you from here. Everything else is up to YOU and your friends – and Greyson of course.

Win and meet Greyson in Person
Good luck and keep us in the loop in the comment section or our Twitter account and let us know if you are entering the contest.

If you DO enter, just let us know and we will write a story about YOU and your three FRIENDS and profile your video here on Greyson Chance Universe for the entire World to see and maybe we can help you get a few votes!

What’s the matter? Are you chicken?

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – BlackBerry or iPhone?

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