Monday, March 12, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Announces Teen Singer “Camryn” Will Tour With Him in Asia

Teen singer Camryn will tour with Greyson through Asia

Greyson Chance has just announced that teen pop phenomenon “Camryn” will act as his tour mate starting in April when he returns to Asia to launch his full scale concert tour.

Greyson will return to Asia to perform headliner concerts at several venues including:

  • Apr 17 2012 - KL Live Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Apr 18  2012 - Singapore Indoor Stadium  Singapore
  • Apr 20  2012 - JI-Tec Hall  Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Apr 22  2012 - Araneta Coliseum  Manila, Philippines

At an age when most girls are shopping, inviting kids over for sleepovers, going dancing with their friends, playing sports and experiencing their first crushes on boys, singer Camryn is…well… already singing about it!

Camryn’s Asian tour promotional video

This isn’t the first time Camryn and Greyson Chance have teamed up for a concert tour. Last year, Camryn was on every stop of Greyson’s “Waiting 4 You” concert tour which also featured Cody Simpson.

Greyson and Camryn
This will be Camryn’s first trip to Asia but we’re sure Greyson will turn her on to the wonders of fried bananas and warn her about the nasty smelling durian fruit.

And Greyson, please warn Camryn about that John Martin guy… Selamat Mama? Remember?

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Twelve-year-old Camryn is currently on tour in the United States hitting up middle schools across the country and has already performed for over 50,000 school kids so far this year.

Camryn thinks she has found the way to a successful career by being real and communicating “real world stuff” that kids are going through these days and says,
“I’m really excited to perform in Asia, because so many of my Facebook fans live in the same countries I’ll be visiting. It will also be great to tour with Greyson Chance again. He is unbelievably talented, kind, and fun to be around. He told me I *must* try durian and that I would love it…. But I think he’s a prankster!”
Camryn already has over 1 million followers on Facebook, and has her own official website with videos of her new single and information about her upcoming debut album.

For his part, Greyson is currently in the studio in Los Angeles writing new music, rehearsing for his tour, and working on his stage show that will be unleashed in Asia.

We think Greyson and Camryn make a good touring duo and can’t wait to start posting the stories from the road, videos of the shows, and funny backstage pictures from his 2012 Asian tour!

Hurry Greyson - para penggemar tidak bisa menunggu!

Follow @GreysonChanceU on Twitter – We like fried bananas…

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