Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ALERT - Greyson Chance Expands His Asian Tour to Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan!

Greyson Chance starts his 2012 Asian tour in April!

Looks like Greyson Chance is hard at work preparing for his 2012 Asian tour!

The singer has spent the last few months building his new stage and rehearsing his routines in Los Angeles along with writing new music for his expected upcoming album.
Greyson in Indonesia

Now his team has just released NEW concert dates and added THREE more countries to his tour.

Greyson will now make stops in Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan.

As we reported yesterday, Greyson has already announced that tween singing sensation Camryn will join him for each show while on the road.

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So this brings the total number of countries Greyson will visit to seven.

While the dates and venues have been confirmed for the first half of the tour, the venue locations for Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan are still being finalized.

The current tour stands as:

  • Apr 17 2012 - KL Live Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Apr 18  2012 - Singapore Indoor Stadium  Singapore
  • Apr 20  2012 - JI-Tec Hall  Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Apr 22  2012 - Araneta Coliseum  Manila, Philippines
  • Apr 24-28 2012 - Taiwan – Location to be announced
  • Apr 29-May 1 2012 - Hong Kong – Location to be announced
  • May 2-6 2012 - Thailand - Location to be announced

Camryn has already released a promotional video on YouTube and we suspect Greyson has already taped some of his video stuffers for each country and will release them as the tour is underway.

Remember last year when he took a picture of himself with each country’s flag and did a small welcome video for each country?

We can’t wait to post the videos, interviews, and behind the scenes stories of Greyson’s 2012 return to Asia so make sure you are following us on twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all the action!

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