Thursday, April 26, 2012

FUNNY VIDEO: Funny Moments in Taiwan with Greyson Chance Eating, Drinking, and Playing with Toys?

Greyson Chance in Taiwan playing with toys and eating food

Well, you can’t’ say Greyson Chance doesn’t have a good sense of humor!

Greyson took some time out yesterday from his 2012 Asian tour to visit with his friends and fans at Hit FM 107.7 Radio in Taiwan for a press conference – and did they ever get him to do some CRAZY things.

Greyson first played with some traditional Chinese toys before sampling some of the Taiwan’s customary food including a tea with tiny black balls of tapioca at the bottom of the glass called “Bubble Tea”.

This is one of the cutest and funniest videos we've ever seen of Greyson during a press conference!

Watch Part I of Greyson's Press Conference in Taiwan

Watch Part II of Greyson's Press Conference in Taiwan

Watch Part III of Greyson's Press Conference in Taipei Taiwan

Gosh media, do you think you could shove a few more microphones in the kids face? Just saying...

Greyson is traveling through Asia on his 2012 concert and promo tour and has already headlined amazing shows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines and is now visiting Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand before returning to the United States.

You can follow Greyson’s Asian adventure by reading all our posts with interviews, concert footage, press conferences, and funny moments at our special Greyson In Asia 2011 link.

Safe travels Greyson Chance!

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