Wednesday, April 18, 2012

VIDEOS: Greyson Chance Concert Videos – Singapore April 18th 2012

Greyson Chance performing in Singapore 4.18.2012

Greyson Chance made his second stop on his 2012 Asian Concert tour on Wednesday April 18, 2012 to perform for his fans in Singapore.

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The big news for this tour is that Greyson is covering Foster the People's “Pumped Up Kicks” and Adele’s anthem “Rolling In The Deep”.

Greyson’s voice has really dropped since he last visited Asia and that can be heard in his revamped version of “Hold On ‘Til The Night”. He sings the melody much lower and he has changed the way he sings the chorus and we LOVE it this way!

You can also hear his deeper voice in his performance of "Rolling in the Deep" and we really like his funny little dance moves and leg twitches! 

Watch Greyson perform “Rolling int the deep” In Singapore 4.18.2012

Watch Greyson perform “Pumped Up Kicks” In Singapore 4.18.2012

Watch Greyson perform “Hold On til the night” In Singapore 4.18.2012

Watch Greyson perform "Waiting Outside The Lines" Singapore 2012

Watch Greyson perform "Take a look at me now" Singapore 2012

Watch Greyson perform "Purple Sky" in Singapore April 18 2012

 Watch Greyson perform "Light up the Dark" In Singapore 2012

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Greyson will have a day off before heading to Jakarta and will spend his extra day in Singapore doing press, photo shoots, promo, and interviews before leaving for Indonesia.

When Greyson was in Singapore last year he sat down for an extended interview with Spin or Bin Music that turned out to be one his best interviews of his November tour.

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Singapore Piano Swag!
Greyson is touring with teen singer Camryn during his 2012 Asia Tour and you can see their complete tour schedule HERE.

You can also see all our posts, concert footage, photos, promos, pranks, and interviews with Greyson while he is in Asia HERE.

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