Sunday, April 1, 2012

NEWS – Greyson Chance Fractures Wrist After Fall at Clippers Basketball Game Saturday Night

Teen singing sensation and heart throb Greyson Chance may have to cancel his Asian tour later this month after an accident in Los Angeles Saturday night that sent the singer to the hospital with two broken fingers and a fractured wrist.

The "Paparazzi" singer tripped and fell Saturday night at the Clippers Basketball game after tripping over a cable on the ground.

Greyson had just tweeted a picture of himself court-side with only his signature black leather converse shoes when he stood up to change seats.

Greyson Chance before his accident Saturday Night

A witness said Greyson stood up and took three steps to change his seat when he tripped on an electrical cable and fell face first onto the arena floor.

“He put out his hands out to try and break his fall but broke two of his fingers in the process. I don’t think he’ll be playing any piano for a while.”

Chance was taken to a local hospital where his broken bones were set and a plaster cast was fitted.

The accident has forced his management team to cancel his upcoming Asian tour until further notice.

Oh yea, April Fools!! Happy April Fools Day!!!

Did we fool you?

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  1. Oh my god!! Are this is seriously?? *im so so shocking!!* (wish no matter what happen to my babyface) (':

  2. OMGGGG!! :o You folled me! xD dammmnn

  3. OMGC!!!! U soooo fooled me!!! I was about to post this all over the Greyson Chance app XD

  4. OMGC!!!!! I almost cried! I kept saying " Poor Baby".


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