Saturday, March 24, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Shares Some Studio Bloopers and a Few of His Favorite Things!

Greyson Chance in the studio with tongue
Greyson Chance in the studio with EverLoop

Greyson Chance updated his EverLoop followers today and shared a special video with his fans – and it's hilarious.

The video starts with a few bloopers, embarrassing and funny moments while in the studio and a few of his favorite contest photos.

After announcing the final winner, Greyson gives a mini tour of his studio and a few of his favorite things he likes to have close to him while burning the midnight oil.

Besides his phone, he shows a pile of candy and beverages that tells us he is still a kid at heart. He also explains how he came up with his “Bite the bullet” saying and shows us how it’s done.

Greyson’s next EverLoop contest asks followers to create their own unique album cover and the winners will win an autographed t-shirt and a Skype call.

Greyson is currently in L.A. working on his upcoming album and rehearsing for his headline Asian tour set to kick-off in April.

He told his twitter followers last week that his crew has started building the stage that he will use with teen singer Camryn on his tour.

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Camryn was on tour with Greyson last year with Cody Simpson and says she is happy to work with him again on his 2012 tour through Asia.

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