Sunday, April 15, 2012

PHOTOS/VIDEOS - Greyson Chance’s 2012 Trip to Malaysia Captured in Pictures and Video

Greyson was met by fans at his hotel in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Greyson Chance has barley been on the ground in Malaysia for 24 hours and he is already drawing attention to himself.

Greyson is currently visiting Kuala Lumpur as part of his 2012 Asian Concert Tour and he knows that his fans are happy to see him again.

He has already done one autograph signing, filmed a segment for a short film, tried to ride a horse, and pigged out on tons of Malaysian food – and he hasn’t even performed his show yet!

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Thanks to our friends at Universal Music Malaysia who have been working with Greyson and have taken the time to document his 2012 trip to Malaysia.

As new photos and videos become available they will be posted to this blog and we will send out a tweet and update our Facebook page so make sure you’re following us!

There are also a couple new videos below the pictures of Greyson arriving on set for a Malaysia Film Project. You can see Greyson getting ready for his scene toward the end of the video.

The second video is Greyson making his entrance to his autograph signing.

(Click any image for a full screen Light Box HD slideshow)

Greyson's Autograph signing at  1 Utama

Greyson Shopping in Malaysia

Greyson on the set filming a part for a Malaysian film project

Greyson Chance with Fans in Malaysia 2012

Greyson at the hotel with fans!

Gifts made by fans for Greyson

We can only image what adventures this kid is going to have over the next few weeks and we hope he stays healthy and happy!

Watch Greyson Chance arrive on set and prepare to film

Watch Greyson Chance Arrive at his Autograph Signing

To see all the posts from Greyson’s 2012 Asian tour just use the follow link:

Greyson will be performing April 17th 2012 at KL Live Kuala Lumpur Malaysia before traveling to his next show on April 18th 2012 in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

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