Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VIDEO REPLAY - Greyson Chance on Hitz.FM with a “Gotcha Call” on Arnold

Greyson Chance at Hitz.FM doing a Gotcha Call

Greyson Chance stopped by the Hitz.FM studio with JJ & Ean to pull a “Gotcha” call on his friend Arnold by telling him he accidentally hit one of his fans with a microphone - and hurt her!

Greyson acted like he was really mad and upset and tried to get Arnold to apologize for hitting his fan - it was a great “Gotcha” prank!

Watch Greyson on Hitz.FM Gotcha Call Video With Arnold

Greyson will be performing on Tuesday at KL live before traveling to Singapore for a show on April 18th.

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Greyson will be traveling throughout the region until May 7th performing shows with teen star Camryn.

Stay tune to our blog as we bring you all the news, photos, video, and pranks as Greyson’s 2012 Asian Tour gets underway!

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  1. I love his laugh and this is hilarious <3 Enchancer07


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