Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VIDEO - Greyson Chance Gets His Own Show On Awesomeness TV and Takes Over

The new Awesomeness TV YouTube channel launches 6/21/12

Greyson Chance is getting ready to take over Awesomeness TV in a YouTube and Twitter campaign to help the new YouTube Network’s official launch on June 21st 2012.

Awesomeness TV brands their new YouTube Network Channel as the new online destination for everything from comedy to sports to reality and everything in between.

Greyson Chance Awesomeness
Over the last few weeks fans were encouraged to submit their own YouTube videos asking Greyson any questions they wanted in a mysterious contest that was not well understood.

Now we know what it was all about!

It looks like Greyson will have his own series on the network and will answer questions at the end of each show.

It also looks like there will be phenomenal footage and behind the scenes video of Greyson and his band during their 2012 Asian tour.

We're not sure how many shows will be in the series, or what the topic of each show will be but we can't wait to see what's coming up! 

While a lot is still unknown about the new venture, they have just released a promotional video trailer featuring Greyson for his new show.

Watch Greyson Chance in the Awesomeness TV Trailer

The Awesomeness TV network launches June 21, 2012 and has already done segments with Mindless Behavior and Jay-Z , and other big names will soon follow.

Hollywood veteran Brian Robbins is the brains behind the new network and YouTube channel and says he plans to bring hundreds of hours of teen based programming to the internet through his venture.

There is a great article here in the online version of the Wall Street Journal that talks about Robbins new venture and how we can expect to see more “TV” like programming coming to YouTube very soon.

You can watch other trailers of upcoming shows as well as some of the submitted “Ask Greyson” videos on their YouTube Channel here.

Hopefully Greyson Chance will help them with a great network launch.

Good luck Awesomeness TV!

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