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VIDEO: Greyson Chance’s “Unfriend You” Celebrates Birthday - Fans Take to Twitter - Go Behind the Scenes

Greyson Chance in the "Unfriend You" music video
Greyson Chance in the "Unfriend You" music video

In every new artists career there are moments along the way that mark an important milestone.

In the case of singer Greyson Chance, that milestone comes in the form of the one year anniversary of his music video for "Unfriend You" - one of his first released singles.

With almost 11 million views on Vevo alone, June 30th 2012 marks the one year anniversary of the “Unfriend You” music video.

Greyson Chance Unfriend You Music Video Birthday
Greyson Chance
And leave it to Enchancers all around the World to not let Greyson forget that his video just celebrated a birthday!

On Friday and Saturday, fans took to twitter to trend the hashtag #1YearUnfriendYouMV and within an hour it was a trending topic all around the globe.

In fact, Greyson noticed the trend and sent out a saying,
“#1YearUnfriendYouMV‬ wow! Can't believe this, seems like yesterday.”
So, if you really want to see what a year can do to a guy, then sit back and watch these behind the scenes videos and you’ll see just how much younger Greyson looked and acted just a year ago.

Watch Greyson Chance Behind The Scenes on Unfriend You

Now, whether Greyson actually had experienced the young teenage angst of heartbreak to truly deliver his honest feelings to this song is still up for debate.

But you can’t deny the timing of the single and music video was perfect as it was the social media craze that launched his career.

Watch Greyson Chance’s Official “Unfriend You” Music Video

Okay, maybe a little cliché and predictable – but still a great job for such a young new artist.

But what happens when you give that young artist a year to grow, to get his feet wet, gain some experience, and mature a bit?

You get what begins to look like a budding, true to life rock star that has gained a comfort level for his musical career and style of performance!

Check out Greyson almost a year after releasing “Unfriend You” as he belts out a live version while on tour earlier this year in the Philippines.

Watch Greyson Chance perform “Unfriend You” Live in Manila

The kids come a long way in just twelve months!

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Greyson is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming second album and will be releasing his 2012 North American tour dates soon.

Hang on Enchancers… it’s going to be a busy second half of the year!

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  1. Wow... Greyson has come a long way in only a year


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