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VIDEO - Greyson Chance’s New Awesomeness TV Show Draws Attention And Creates New Fans!

Greyson Chance performs Purple Sky in Kuala Lumpur KL Episode 1 Awesomeness TV
Greyson performs "Purple Sky" in Kuala Lumpur in Episode #1

Singer songwriter Greyson Chance has always embraced the internet and social media - even admitting he’s the worst speller ever on twitter!

In addition to his own official website, Greyson has also brought his social influence to internet properties such as YouTube, Everloop, Cambio, DimensionU, Spotify, and Woozworld.

And in one of his biggest social media moves to date he has expanded his artistic universe with his own new show on the YouTube startup venture Awesomeness TV.

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The Awesomeness TV concept was created by veteran Hollywood TV entrepreneur Brian Robbins who is trying to usher in the age of internet video as a content destination as an alternative to traditional television.

Greyson Chance pranks his team with silly string while in Jakarta
Greyson pranks his team with silly string while in Jakarta

The venture launched in June of 2012 and Greyson’s show is titled “Greyson Chance Takeover” and has already drawn attention to his music and recent Asian tour.

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With more than a quarter million views already on his show’s trailer, fans can look forward to seeing Greyson release a new show video each Sunday.

Watch Greyson's Awesomeness TV Trailer

Prior to the official “First Episode”, Greyson and Awesomeness TV also released a HD video of his performance of Foster the People’s “Pumped up Kicks” that he performed live in Jakarta while on tour.

Watch Greyson Chance perform Pumped up Kicks” live in Jakarta

Greyson’s first official Awesomeness TV episode titled “Purple Sky Over Kuala Lumpur” was released on June 24th and offered a fantastic behind the scenes look at his concert preparations in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and an incredible live performance of “Purple Sky”.

Greyson talks with his band members before the show

Viewers got to see Greyson jumping rope in his dressing room, hanging on pipes back stage, and previewing the venue setup before the big show while conferring with his band mates over last minute details.

Greyson also chats with the camera during his police escort to the concert, describing his life on the road and his adoration for his millions of fans around the world.

He has also encouraged his fans to submit questions to him and will begin answering them in later episodes.

Watch Greyson Chance Awesomeness TV Episode #1 Purple Sky

This broad exposure for Greyson comes at a good time as he prepares to release his second full length album and announce his 2012 U.S. tour schedule.

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The new venture and ongoing shows will also help endear the singer to his American fans as there has been growing concern over Greyson’s frequent trips to Asia – leaving some of his U.S. fans feeling left out.

But one industry insider tells us,
“Get ready for Greyson Chance. It is his time. He now has touring experience, has two albums at 14-years-old, has honed his skills on concert stages and TV, has major backing by some powerful management figures and an influential record label. The competition out there is tough right now and they had to get him ready first. He had to be hardened. They had to prepare him, let him grow a little and get his feet wet. Now he is ready and in a position to come out strong and hard with the necessary experience needed to be successful over the long haul and not just a one hit wonder. This will be the year that he breaks out...”
Wow, those are words we’ve been waiting to hear for two years!

Greyson Chance Manila Philippines 2012
Greyson in Manila
And we agree. Greyson needed a little “percolation time” to find himself, his music, his style, his swagger, and his fans.

All things now point in the right direction and the industry can unleash Greyson Chance across the United States in a much more mature and refined way than they could have a year ago.

It looks like his team’s eyes were on the prize the whole time… even when we didn’t see it.

Bring it on Greyson! The world is waiting.

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  1. Awesome post...

  2. Beneath the hype, the only new thing here is that Greyson's mysterious "team" has AT LONG LAST realised that he comes over best IN LIVE PERFORMANCE! And that, artistically and financially, it makes more sense to shoot a rough-and-ready video of Greyson LIVE (as his fans have done for over two years) than spend millions on "professionaly" made videos which have him merely lip-synching A LA BIEBER.

    So, far from his team's eyes being "on the prize the whole time", they've only just opened them to see what his fans have known for years! LOL


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