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PHOTOS: Greyson Chance Visits Changsha China - Dates a Fan, Visits “Happy Camp” TV, and Celebrates His Birthday!

Greyson Chance meeting his fans in Changsha China - July 2012
Greyson's meeting his fans in Changsha China - July 2012

Greyson Chance has been a busy kid the last couple of days as he starts his quick promotional tour through Hong Kong and China.

Greyson’s first stop was Changsha China where he was met by fans and then driven around town in a tricked out custom minivan complete with a huge picture of his face on the side.

The van was supplied by Universal China and was used to draw attention to his “Win a date with Greyson Chance” contest - and draw attention it did!

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Universal Music provided this custom Greyson van Greysonmobile China July 2012
Universal Music provided this awesome custom Greyson Van

The Greysonmobile parked at the hotel in China July 2012 Custom Van
The Greysonmobile parked at the hotel

One lucky fan named “Weenie” was the winner of the date, and she got to spend a couple of hours with Greyson to talk about life, music, and culture - all while sipping hot tea.

He even gave her flowers!

Greyson used his new Weibo account to say,
“Got to have some tea with the "Win a Date" winner! She was so sweet! We talked about Beijing and The Forbidden City.”
Fans around the world had been waiting for days to get their first glimpse of the lucky mystery girl, and we're pretty sure she'll have a lot of great stories to tell her friends about what went down.

Greyson Chance and his Date talking and enjoying hot tea

And even though Greyson’s birthday is not until August 16, his fans took advantage of his visit to throw him a symbolic early birthday party complete with cake, candles, and gifts.

Greyson cuts his Birthday cake in China July 2012
Greyson cuts his early Birthday cake in China July 2012
Blowing out the candles and receiving gifts in China - July 2012

Next Greyson visited the “Happy Camp” TV show where he taped an interview and performed a musical set before meeting some of his fans and handing out autographed copies of his “Hold On ‘Til The Night” CD.

Greyson wires up for "Happy Camp" TV China July 2012
Greyson wires up for "Happy Camp" TV
Greyson signing CD's before "Happy Camp"

Once the "Happy Camp" show video is available we will post it on our blog so be sure to check back later and follow us on twitter.

Greyson will travel to Hong Kong on Wednesday for another performance at his special “Photo Party” promotional event.

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Check out our Facebook album titled “Greyson Chance in China July 2012” for the best photos we could find of his visit so far.

Greyson Chance and his mom Lisa arrive in China - July 2012

You can see all of our earlier posts, photos, and videos from Greyson’s tour in April at our special blog link “Greyson in Asia 2012”.

Greyson will return to the United States later this week to finish work on his upcoming new album and finalize his 2012 U.S. Tour schedule.

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  1. I don't know what I'd do if I had a date with him. There would just be silence moments of looking into each others eyes.


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