Monday, October 15, 2012

LISTEN: Greyson Chance Releases Preview Tracks From His “Truth Be Told Part 1” EP

Greyson Chance fans got a nice treat Monday evening when he took to twitter to tell his fans he wanted to give everybody a preview of his upcoming EP “Truth Be Told Part 1”.

Greyson tweeted,
“How about some snippets of Truth Be Told tracks? I will put 90 second previews of each track on YouTube at 9 PM central time. I can't wait for you to hear them!! #truthbetold”
This is the first listen anybody has had of the new tracks except for “Sunshine & City Lights”

Listen to You Might Be The One from Truth Be Told

Listen to Leila from Truth Be Told

Listen to California Sky from Truth Be Told

Listen to Take My Heart from Truth Be Told

Listen to Sunshine & City Lights from Truth Be Told

Greyson was in Long Island New York this weekend working on his new music video for SCL and will soon be leaving for a quick promo tour through Asia.

“Truth Be Told Part 1” is scheduled for release in late October in Asia and by January in the U.S.

See you on twitter!

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  1. Love it ALL - Leila, California Sky,Take My Heart, SCL.... LOVE IT ALL...

  2. Love California Sky but my fave is Leila


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